Word of mouth, networking, and similar marketing efforts can bring in a lot of revenue. To establish and maintain a successful business, you must be consistently finding and nurturing new leads. Where do you begin? Start small – by refining your lead generation funnel.

This may sound overwhelming. As a business without a massive marketing department, you may not have the time and manpower to develop complex systems of advertising and marketing campaigns.

The Lead Generation Funnel

A lead generation funnel provides direction and purpose for your marketing. To bring in more leads and close more sales. It’s called a funnel because the first stage captures the attention of a broad audience, and this marketing becomes more refined and detailed in the following stages. Here are the four main stages of a lead generation funnel.

Stage One: Awareness

Consider a new prospect who has never heard of your company or your solution before. They may not even know they need you. In this awareness stage, you are focused on introducing your company and guiding the prospect to understand what you do and why they should trust you.

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Stage Two: Engage

As the prospect considers making a purchase or is at least attracted to your business, they progress into the engagement stage. In this stage, you are building more rapport and your messaging becomes more focused on selling your solution to the prospect.

Stage Three: Subscribe

To develop a successful lead generation funnel, keep the funnel full of fresh leads. You can do this by developing a great free offer in exchange for a prospect’s contact information. You then can use this information in future marketing. This is how you keep your lead funnel full.

Stage Four: Convert

A prospect who gets to this stage is ready to buy from you. In this stage, your goal is to make their purchase as easy as possible and upsell where you can. Remember prospects are busy. Also, don’t assume they understand your process. Keep it simple and lead them to the sale.

Stage Five: Follow-up

Your visitor’s journey does not end once they have transitioned from a prospect to a customer. It is crucial to provide post-purchase support to your customer in order to earn referrals and positive reviews. These lead to more sales, which is why it is important to begin the onboarding process as soon as possible to ensure that your customer feels like a priority to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Create an Irresistible Offer

A great offer begins with an irresistible hook. Identify the problem your clients want to solve. Consider what they may ask Google or research in their search to solve their problem. Then, use that search to create a valuable free download. Here are a few examples:

  • Free Guides and eBooks such as “A Fathers Guide to Winning Custody” or “5 Essential Tips to Building Your Own Vegetable Garden at Home”
  • Pre-recorded video training like “The Top 5 Beginner Mistakes in Investing”
  • Whitepapers such as “Should You Invest in a Reverse Osmosis Water System?”

Create an Awesome Landing Page

So you have a great hook, something your audience finds valuable. Now, it is time for you to create your landing page to generating opt-ins. This landing page should be visually attractive, easy to read, and entice your leads to enter their information in exchange for your free gift.

Avoid making your landing page cheesy and cliche. Replace overused calls to action (CTAs) like “Subscribe” or “Join” with more inviting phrases like “Get the free ebook” or “Send me the deals.” The sole purpose of this landing page is to get people to download that free offer. Follow up with a beautiful thank you page after the exchange to keep building the relationship.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Once you have your offer and landing page ready, it’s time to get as many eyes as you can on that page. Organically, you can use your social media to address the problems your followers have and send them to the link in your bio as the solution.

To generate even more leads, use targeted paid advertising to lead people to your landing page. For example, Google ads can target people asking the question your offer answers. Or, Facebook advertising can target users who fit your ideal customer. The more targeted people who visit your landing page, the more leads enter your funnel, and the more sales you can close.

Establish Your Marketing Campaign to Nurture Leads

This is how you create an ever-flowing lead generation funnel. If you stop here, you have a collection of leads at the top of a funnel but no movement down the funnel. You have only leads. Leads are not sales. Leads are only the beginning. From here, you need to nurture these leads in your email marketing campaign.

Nurturing your leads requires you to deepen your relationship with them step by step. Refer to the previously covered lead generation funnel stages. The leads in your funnel now are already within the awareness stage.

To carry leads through the engagement stage with your email marketing, build rapport with them. On average it takes 7 “touches” before someone will commit to a purchase. Continue to demonstrate your expertise with emails that compliment your lead magnet like “How to Choose the Right Mattress.” or “Your Perfect Workout Awaits!”

The conversion stage seals the deal. Promote a special offer through your email sequence or social media. If you’ve done the previous stages right, you have a great chance of gaining a new customer and potential referral machine.

Test and Tweak

It can be challenging to know which campaign will be most effective. Everything from your headlines, copy, calls to action, and design all play a role in how well your campaign converts. To optimize results, you can run A/B tests to gage which design or hook works better and customize your campaigns to match how far along your lead is in the funnel.

The longer someone has been in your funnel, and the more they have clicked on your emails, the warmer they are, meaning they are closer to making a purchase. To seal the deal, target these warmer leads with conversion-heavy content. You should constantly test and refine your strategy.

Establish a Successful Lead Generation Strategy Today

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